Why Use braces when MYOBRACE Works better and costs less! 

The MYOBRACE is a new concept in orthodontic treatment based on the time proven principles of the original positioner concept.


The MYOBRACE simultaneously develops the jaw, aligns the teeth, and treats the tongue and oral muscular (myofunctional) habits which cause the orthodontic problems.  Required use is just two hours daily, plus overnight while sleeping.

Braces are an effective method to straighten teeth and unlike the MYOBRACE do not require patient compliance.  However, because fixed braces cannot effectively develop the jaws, extraction of multiple permanent teeth is often required.  Commonly reported problems associated with full fixed braces include enamel and root damage.

Stability remains a problem, as research shows that when the braces and retainers are removed the teeth most commonly crowd up again over time, even if extractions of up to eight permanent teeth are performed.

Because the MYOBRACE treat the causes as well as the dental jaw alignment, the results are more permanent, particularly if the treatment is started before the permanent teeth are all present in the mouth.

The MYOBRACE target age is 6-12 years.  The MYOBRACE can be used at any age-mixed or permanent dentition.  The optimum age is during the eruptive and growth changes in the late mixed dentition.  The longer the permanent dentition is in place, the less effective the MYOBRACE will be.


The MYOBRACE is made with soft, silicone material with tooth slots to align each tooth.   A harder inner core then actively develops the jaw, making more space for crowded teeth.  In addition it has a tongue tag, lip bumpers and dual arch to re-train the tongue, lips and breathing pattern, which improves its effectiveness and helps the teeth to move into a permanent natural position with less chance of relapse.

The MYOBRACE is designed to fill an active role in the orthodontic treatment for children and parents who want to avoid braces and extractions.  The treatments work best when started BEFORE the permanent teeth come in between ages 9 and 11 years.

With daily use of 2 hours per day and overnight, the MYOBRACE is viable alternative to braces for the compliant patient.  It can be combined with other appliances like the BENT WIRE SYSTEM and even fixed braces afterwards to obtain final tooth alignment in difficult cases if needed.